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The Willendorfs-30x34in.-(with wooden sign)-Acrylic/puff paint on canvas-2000



Send in the Clones-36x16in.-Acrylic on panel-2000




Splatmap-10x8in.-Acrylic on panel-2000




Globaloney-16x13in.-Acrylic on panel-2000



Exist-10x13in.-Acrylic on panel-2000



Men-9x8 1/ 2 in.-Acrylic on panel-2000




Big Splatmap-55x61in.-Acrylic on canvas-2000



Swooshtika-95x70in.-Vinyl banner-2000




07734-8x30in.-Acrylic on panel-2000



hello-8x30in.-Acrylic on panel-2000



Dharmy Cushions- 27x27x6in.-installation view-2000



A Sign-8 1/2 x 11in.-Epson print-installation view-2000



Unamerican Activities-Exhibition entrance-2000



PC-24x30in.-Waterrcolor/acrylic/gouache/ink on paper-1996



Political Correctness-22x26in.-watercolor/acrylic/gouache/ink on paper-1996



ROM-41 1/ 2 x 30in.-Watercolor/acrylic/gouache/ink on paper-1996



CD ROM-22x30in.-Watercolor/acrylic/gouache/ink/gold leaf on paper-1996



Dyslexic Millenium-32x40in.-Acrylic on canvas on panel-1996



Squares Masquerading as Artists-16x16in.-Acrylic on panel-1996



Evain Spelled Backwards is Naive-Relabled Evain bottles-1996



Emoticons-16x16in.-Acrylic on canvas-1996



United States of Anxiety-24x36in.-Sign paint on paper-1996
Beware of God-16x18in.-Acrylic on canvas-1996